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The WAND Organic Chemicals taxonomy includes the set of substances, chemicals, and elements that have carbon or its derivatives as their main elements. Many of the items in this category will contain hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and other elements.

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3,5-Cocoa Pyrazine
3,6-Cocoa Pyrazine
Agar Gum
Alfalfa Resinoid
Almond Oil Bitter
Angelica Root Oil
Angelica Seed Oil
Angelica Stem Oil
Arabic Gum Hydrogen Octenyl Butane Dioate
Asafetida Gum
Asafetida Oil
Basil Oil Sweet
Bay Leaf Oil
Birch Oil Sweet
Buchu Leaf Oil
Butter Acids
Butter Esters
Butter Starter Distillates
Cajuput Oil
Cananga Leaf Oil
Capsicum Oleoresin
Caramel Color
Caraway Seed Oil
Cardamom Seed Oil
Cassia Bark Oil China
Cassia Bark Oil Saigon
Cassia Bark Powder China
Cassia Buds
Cedarleaf Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Oil Ceylon
Clove Bud Oil
Clove Leaf Oil
Cocoa Butenal
Cocoa Hexenal
Cocoa Pentenal
Cocoa Propanal
Coffee Difuran
Coffee Dione
Coffee Furanone
Coffee Pyrazine
Cognac Oil Green
Cognac Oil White
Cornmint Oil
Costus Root Oil
Cubeb Fruit
Cumin Seed Oil
Curacao Peel Oil
Daidia Peel Oil
Davana Oil
Dibasic Lead Stearate
Elemi Gum
Elemi Gum
More specific terms related to Epoxides and Their Derivatives Epoxides and Their Derivatives
Fish Thiol
Galangal Root Oil
Galbanum Oil
Garlic Oil China
Ghatti Gum
Ginger Oleoresin Africa
Ginger Root
Ginger Root Oil
Guaiacwood Oil
Guarana Gum
Hops Oil
Hydantoin Derivatives
Imides and Their Derivatives
Labdanum Gum
Lead Styphnate
Lead Trinitro Resorcinate
Linaloe Wood Oil Mexico
Locust Bean Gum
Mango Furanone
Mango Thiol
Melon Acetal
Melon Heptenal
Melon Heptenal Propylene Glycol Acetal
Melon Nonenoate
Melon Valerate
Methyl Heptine Carbonate
Methyl Octine Carbonate
Myrrh Gum
Orange Peel Oil Bitter China
Organo-Inorganic Compounds
Pepper Absolute Black
Pepper Oil Black
Pepper Oil White
Pepper Oleoresin Black
Pepper Oleoresin White
Pepper Tree Berry Oil
More specific terms related to Peptides Peptides
Pineapple Hydroxyhexanoate
Pineapple Pentenoate
More specific terms related to Quaternary Ammonium Salts Quaternary Ammonium Salts
Red Pepper
Styrax (Liquidambar Orientalis)
Tagete Oil Egypt
Thyme Absolute
More specific terms related to Toluidine Derivatives and Their Salts Toluidine Derivatives and Their Salts
Turmeric Root
Turpentine Gum
Vegetable Oils Brominated